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  1. good
  2. fine

Usage notes

When used before a masculine noun as part of the noun phrase, the apocopate form buen is used instead of bueno.

Derived terms


  1. okay; fine
  2. In the context of "used at the start of a phrase": well; a short pause in a sentence
    Bueno, pues, mira. — “Well, then, look.”
  3. In the context of "interrogatively|Mexico|lang=es": Expression used when answering the phone.
    ''¿Bueno? — “Hello?”

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Extensive Definition

Kinder Bueno is a chocolate bar from Ferrero. It is a hazelnut cream filled wafer with a chocolate covering. Kinder Bueno originally comes from Italy, where it was first released in 1990. It became available in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Mexico), Malaysia, Israel and Greece in the mid-1990s, in Germany and France starting in 1999, and has been common in Canada and the United Kingdom since 2004. A few stores in the United States carry it, but because of its rarity, it can be very expensive. Kinder Bueno is only sold in packs of two and six. In 2006, Kinder made a new sort of Kinder Bueno. Kinder Bueno White is available in Spain, Italy, France, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Singapore, Finland and Australia.
In 2007, Kinder Bueno was relaunched aimed at an adolescent market with a new series of adverts "a little bit of what you fancy" aired in the UK and Ireland.
Kinder is the German word for "children". Bueno is the Spanish word for "good".
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